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Your Chance to Join Mobility Innovation Arena

Mobility Innovation Arena, MIA, has free spots. This is your chance to join an arena with the purpose to strengthen companies' competitiveness in mobility through national and international cooperation.

If you are an international company ready to level up and interested in a free workspace, please click here

Here are some things our members have said about working at MIA:

“ I always get a boost of energy from associating with like-minded entrepreneurs when I step into MIA” Conny Hertzberg, CEO and Founder of DIPP-R
“Good parking facilities close to the offices” Håkan Erlandsson, Business Manager at Additude
“Through Mobility Innovation Arena we have been introduced to several business opportunities and individuals that are interesting to us. It fits well to be present with our office at MIA with continuous discussions among peers working towards our future sustainable mobility.” Jörgen Synning, Regional Manager at Eways

You can read more about MIA here (In Swedish)

If this sounds interesting to you, please contact



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