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Two innovative companies join Smarter Mobility

We are delighted to welcome two new members to Smarter Mobility!

First up is Terranet, a leading developer of technology for ADAS and autonomous vehicles. Terranet's mission is to save lives in urban traffic and they strongly believe that the future of the automotive safety industry will consist of multiple technology solutions working together to achieve standards and requirements. As one of our focus areas in Smarter Mobility is Mobility Technology, Terranet fits perfectly in our network.

Smarter Mobility provides a very attractive platform and network where industry companies can access important contacts among both smaller and larger actors. Terranet is founded and located in Lund which makes Smarter Mobility a natural partner for us, as they are present both in the local and national market, says Magnus Andersson, CEO of Terranet.

The second company that we welcome to Smarter mobility is Elektra. Elektra is a company that supplies sustainable electrical engineering solutions to customers all over Sweden. They help both private individuals and companies to lower their electricity costs by offering green energy solutions such as solar cells, solar power, wind power and battery storage. We are not only welcoming Elektra to Smarter Mobility, but also to Mobility Innovation Arena.

We are very much looking forward to exchanging knowledge and competence with other members in the network. As an installation company, we want to share our expertise in green technology, says Per Hellmyrs, Manager of Green Technology at Elektra.


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