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They Bring More Iteration and Speed to Automotive Software Development

The automotive industry is constantly developing and software development is becoming of increasing importance. We are therefore proud to welcome RemotiveLabs to Smarter Mobility's network. RemotiveLabs provides development tools for rapid prototyping and continuous integration. The tooling makes it easier for automotive brands to realize great ideas faster, take ownership of software development and testing, and collaborate more efficiently.

"We believe in the mission of improving transportation and the technology behind it, and we are eager to collaborate with other like-minded individuals and organizations. By joining Smarter Mobility, we can share our knowledge and expertise while learning from others in the field of mobility."

Emil Dautovic, VP of Business Development

"We are glad to see mobility network activities being strengthened in our home region of Skåne and Sweden. We are eager to contribute to the discussion in general but also with examples of how a more software-centric approach and collaborations in automotive development can be enabled".

Carin Lagerstedt, CMO

RemotiveLabs is a growing company and they are currently looking for new Software Engineers:

Smarter Mobility is excited to see what we can accomplish together.



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