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OMotion provides the perfect combination between a car and a motorbike

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

One of the latest additions to Smarter Mobility is OMotion, a company that provides a new type of electric vehicle.

Joining Smarter Mobility felt like a natural step for us as we will soon establish ourselves in Lund. We also feel that Smarter Mobility's profile fits us perfectly, says Ola Svensson, CEO of OMotion. We look forward to establishing contacts with companies in the same industry as well as to getting support with business development.

A genuine interest in vehicles together with development in battery technology, electrical motors and embedded applications opened up the possibility for OMotion to put a new kind of vehicle on the road. OMOTION 2 is an electric three wheeler that offers an amazing driving experience while still having excellent stability - the perfect combination between a car and a motorbike. The vehicle is handcrafted in OMotion's facility outside of Lund and has a top speed of 110km/h as well as a range of 150km. Read more on OMotions website.

On September 14th, we are organising a meeting at Mobility Innovation Arena where OMotion will present its innovative vehicle and participants will have the opportunity to test drive the OMOTION 2. Read more about this event here and register your participation by sending an email to


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