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OMotion is building a new facility in Lund!

OMotion, which provides the innovative vehicle OMOTION 2, is expanding, and their new facility will be located in Lund!

OMOTION 2 is an electric three-wheeler that is the perfect combination of a car and a motorbike. Until now, the vehicle has been manufactured in a courtyard outside of Lund, but the construction of a facility with the capacity to build 300 vehicles per year has just begun. The new facility is a natural step in OMotion’s expansion. It is located close to its employees, and also close to LTH, where they cooperate with the department of automatic control.

OMOTION 2 has primarily been sold to private individuals who want a unique driving experience in Sweden and Germany. but this week they sent their first vehicle to Cyprus, where it will be used in the rental business for tourists.

Smarter Mobility is proud of our cooperation with OMotion, and we are excited to follow your future success!

If you are interested in OMOTION 2 you can read more here:, or contact



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