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Make the Sites and Cities Smarter, Not Only the Individual Robots and Vehicles

We are happy to present one of our newest additions to Smarter Mobility: Flasheye

The development of 3D lidar sensors are mainly driven by the automotive industry but used similar as cameras, the sensors can look tirelessly at everything of importance, whether it is moving objects such as people and vehicles or a static scene. Often you know the desired situation, which makes it easy to detect changes in the surroundings including unexpected changes. Flasheye software solution enables quick and easy installations, you can set up unique monitoring zones and alarms within minutes. Flasheye make real-time 3D data available.

"We are happy to be a part of this network where lidar technology is well-known from the automotive industry. We are looking forward to collaborating with other companies, there are synergies where Flasheye’s lidar functions such as tracking and object detection can be used in other solutions." Ida Rehnström, COO



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