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An outstanding visit to CityQ


Just before the weekend, we had the distinct pleasure to visit CityQ and CEO Morten Rynning in Oslo, Norway. An outstanding Product, Company, and Team.

World class unique e-bike.

CityQ is a range of 4-wheel e-bikes that are easy to navigate and park, and emit 90% less

carbon than a normal car - the perfect way to deliver cargo in inner cities. 

Extremely well planned and thought through.

We are truly impressed by CityQ’s attention to detail and deep understanding of the market

and future mobility needs. The e-bike which is already on the market is a reality and at the

same time the long term planning for partners/re-sellers, production and maintenance

including standards etc. is fully executed.

Successful companies in the new financial climate.

In the financial climate we find ourselves in this is the kind of company that stands out,

because of its long term detailed planning, which is confirmed by one of the leading

consultancy firms in the world and at the same time the aggressive development in the near


Opportunity to take part in the financial journey

At the moment there is a unique opportunity to take part in a very interesting financial journey which we are happy to announce that some key members in our network have realized.

Smarter Mobility and CityQ

We are proud to have contributed to the team at CityQ, and we see many potential

opportunities for cooperation with our members.



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