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An important landmark in Smarter Mobility's history

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

One of the goals we had when we started Smarter Mobility was to highlight Skåne's innovative power and direct it towards the automotive industry, says Conny Hertzberg, co-founder of Smarter Mobility.

We have worked together with Ring Knutstorp for a long time to create a test bed for the future automotive industry, says Mats Lindblad, CEO of Smarter Mobility. After feedback from interested companies and the collaboration with Malmö University and Svalöv municipality, the journey can now begin for real.

It always takes time to bring about these necessary collaborations, but the most important thing is to work systematically and to find the right way in the exciting, but to some extent uncertain future we find ourselves in. This applies both to what needs to be tested on the raceway, to what is already being tested on other places in Europe and what the first steps should be.

Now we believe that we have something that can be started and that may soon be of interest to several actors close by in Sweden.

Ring Knutstorp has put in a huge commitment to get to this point and so have Malmö University and Svalöv municipality, even if we are only at the beginning.

One Reality, who runs Xreative Labs at the Mobility Innovation Arena, IDEON Science Park in Lund work together with us to use all available means in XR (VR/AR/MR) to be able to work, simulate and show the infrastructure at Ring Knutstorp remotely.

It is particularly gratifying that several players in the automotive industry and within XR have contacted us and want to participate in the future that we are building together.


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